The Conflict Resolution Pattern Language - An update!

The Conflict Resolution Pattern Language - An update!

The Pattern Language development is in full swing! :rocket: I presented a brief overview to media arts collective Pixelache, in :finland: Helsinki at the end of October 2019, at their annual Social Tools Conference. Participants described it as generating “new landscapes of hope”.

One reason for this reception is that the patterns are holistic. They can be applied at an individual, group and organisational level :snowflake:

Each community will be free to adapt these patterns to their own context
This way they will emerge their own set of protocols.

  1. Patterns to get a system up and running :arrow_upper_right:

  2. Patterns that apply on an ongoing basis :arrow_right:

  3. Patterns to apply in a live conflict situation :high_brightness:

We are currently working on integrating them with the VSP system so that there is inter-operability. :curly_loop: