Our Peacemaking Approach

Our Peacemaking Approach

We will soon introduce the Conflict Resolution Pattern Language. We will support people to apply these patterns to their own contexts at multiple levels in an ecosystem.

These patterns are based on living systems, peace-work, martial arts, neuroscience and therapeutic fields.

They enable people to:

– proactively respond to greater and greater levels of conflict in groups
– support a collective to design their own conflict response protocols
– challenge myths around conflict resolution preventing groups from engaging early in conflict
– apply these principles at different scales for distributed teams.

The impact is that people have:
– More confidence in the ability to address difficult conversations
– Less fear of conflict
– A better understanding of how to shift from blame oriented to a more generative culture
– An understanding of how to address stuck situations
– Tools and practices to embed this in teams

Coming soon!

Please respond to this thread if you have any questions, specific cases or requests related to this topic. Our aim is that the Peacemakers approach addresses your questions and that we can evolve the approach together as new challenges arise.

That looks really exciting. I’m looking forward to hearing more and taking part in the discussions. I have plenty of both good and bad experiences in this area, and know how important it is to be able to build a culture that can easily head off conflicts and handle them gracefully and constructively when they arise.

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