Orientation START HERE

Orientation START HERE

Hello friends, and welcome to Planetmakers!

This is an introductory exercise to help you become familiar with our system. It has 3 objectives:

  1. Find your way around the system, learn to do basic things like your profile, send messages using the editor, comment on messages.
  2. Learn about the major areas (WhoWeAre, Commons, Peacemaking, Synergy, Direction) and how they can help us form well-run Commons.
  3. Find one or two other people with whom you may have some common interests and make contact with them.
    If you get stuck or have any problems, feel free to contact the Help Desk. You could have a video chat with them, using shared screens to help you find your way around. The key point of this system is to set up a community where people support each other and feel supported.
    See the next 3 messages for detailed instructions on each of these objectives. You should find you get some kind of prize when you finish!
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  1. When you logged in for the first time, did you fill in your profile? Find that now by clicking on your picture/avatar/face symbol in the upper right corner. Then on the line that appear immediately below it, click on the settings symbol. setttings%20symbol From there you can add a profile picture, edit your password, and from the menu on the left, you can fill in all the parts of your profile. Write something in the ‘About Me’ field, which uses the editor that appear every time you write a message. In the editor, notice the icons at the top, and put your pointer on each for a second to see what it does.

  2. To learn to use the editor to send and comment on messages, go to the Sandbox topic and send some replies, trying out the various parts of the editor. Try using the Upload button to add a picture, or a small file. Try out the bold, and italic buttons. Notice that the Settings icon will allow you to create a poll.

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On the top line of every window of Planetmakers there is our logo on the leftplaNET%20logo , which takes you back to the list of main categories, To the right are the names of the major areas: WhoWeAre, Commons, Peacemaking, Synergy, Direction. You can also get to them from the list of main categories.

  1. Browse through each of these, and the introductory topics and messages there. Note that most have some sub-categories. Think about how some of them might be useful to you personally, or to projects or groups that you are part of.
  2. For those that interest you, write a short reply or start a new topic briefly saying why it interests you, and how you might make use of it.
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  1. Have a look at some of the other people on Planetmakers. Find them by clicking on the Hamburger symbol Hamburger%20symbol at the upper right, next to your face icon, and from the window that appears, click on Users in the left column. You will get a list of users.
  2. Click on a face icon to see a little about them, or double click to see more. Find one or two you think you could contact. Click on the Message button on the box that pops up, and send them a message.
  3. See if you can find someone you trust (in the sense that you feel that if you did something with them, they would act with integrity, respect, and treat you fairly). Perhaps you already know them. If so, go back to your own Profile, and add them to the ‘People I trust’ field.

You will now have spent some time exploring Planetmakers, trying out its features, writing a few messages. We hope you found this interesting and useful.
Now go back to your profile (click on your face icon at the upper right and then on your name on the line that appears).
Click on the Summary tab, scroll down and see if you have any badges now!

Suggest prompting people to bookmark the Orientation exercise before they do anything else, so they can easily find their way back once they navigate away from the page.