Introduce yourself here

Introduce yourself here

Hey guys reply to this thread to briefly introduce yourself to the community.

Hi I’m Gary Alexander. I’ll write a good message in this thread later. At the moment, I’m just trying out the system.

Hi all, I’m Sofia Bustamante. I’m working on the conflict resolution pattern language and creating a cultural infrastructure for peacemaking online.
I’m looking forward to evolve it together with others as we move forward.

Hi everyone!! I’m David Alexander, I’m interested in setting up a community network similar to PlaNET for my local community in London (London Fields area). I also helped Gary set up the PlaNET site using the Discourse platform.

I’m looking forward to helping you work through the details of how you would use PlaNET in a London community. I’m sure what we find will apply to very many other local communities.

I’m Mamading Ceesay, based in Brixton, London. My focus is the deep social and technical aspects of PlaNET. Have been a supporter of Gary’s PlaNET concept since 2005. Happy to be helping to bring it to life at last!

Hi this is Matthew.
I cofounded and maintain the software Community Forge, a nonprofit for hosting LETS web sites. I’ve been looking for years for the next generation of software for local communities. Holo looks promising.
I’m also an expert in complementary currencies, and have a design for their global interoperability called the Credit Commons. In that respect I’m working with