Hello new friends!

Hello new friends!

I’m Tony Tester, and I’m afraid I’m not fully a real person, but I’m also fairly new to PlaNET, AND I’m looking forward to meeting other people new to it.

Why not try to reply to my message? As you do so, look at the row of icons in the editor, holding your pointer over each one to see what they do.

2019-09-10T23:00:00Z Can you see how I’ve inserted the date?

The editor is a bit quirky in some ways.

  1. This is the first item in a list. To do it, I clicked on the list icon, and then changed the text it gave me to this one. Same with bulleted lists.

:smiling_imp: Where did this come from?

And here is my portrait. Can you see which control I used to upload it here?

See what clever stuff you can put in your reply. [Advanced Challenge: Can you turn your reply into a poll? Hint: use the settings icon.]

Great to meet you!

A third try.

Hi, Here I am replying to my own message. A bit weird you say? But I want to show you one of the interesting features of PlaNET.

Notice that there are two ways to reply to any message. There is the word Reply just below the text and above the feint line, and also a Reply button in the row of buttons just below the line. What’s the difference? I used the second one for this reply.


And still another reply to my own message, but I’m not as dumb as I look. For this second one, I clicked on the word Reply just under my first message, above the feint line. Can you see how it looks different from the first reply? Tell me if you can!


Hi Tony,
I do like your hat. Where did you get it? I think it is a little strange that there are two parts to this editor. The place where I’m typing where there is a markup language when I made something bold,and the place, to its right where the formatted text appears.

The picture is the cover of my book. It is larger than I would like, but I don’t think I can change its size in this editor.

Do you like the picture? (I made this a poll, and I see that I have to do that on a new line.)

  • Yes
  • No

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