A Manifesto

A Manifesto

1. We intend to sing the love of danger, the habit of energy and fearlessness!!!

2. Courage, boldness, and rebellion will be the essential elements in our poetry.

3. Up to now, literature has extolled a contemplative stillness, rapture and reverie. We intend to glorify aggressive action, a restive wakefulness, life at the double, the slap and the punching fist.

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Hey guys, what do you think of my manifesto? I copied it from some old artists but I recon it’s great! It’s a wiki so I think we can all edit it :slight_smile:

Great David, I added some more exclamation points to the first line, what do you think?

The following is an extract from the Planetmakers application for the €1 Million EU Prize Blockchains for Social Good. It describes our vision of kind of society we are working towards, and how the use of PlaNET might completely change the lived experience of a community:

After a period of intensive promotion of the vision of a transformed vibrant community, the organisers set up a local PlaNET, a community communications network, using local HoloPorts in the homes of businesses and residents, that deploys PlaNET with its social action network and social marketplace .

The social marketplace works like a local Amazon or eBay, but keeps their profits which now stay in the community and are used to fund part-time local posts to enable and sustain local food, energy, transport, and caring groups. All community partners remain as independent, self-governing organisations, but are able to use the metasystem tools to work more effectively, as for example by better handling of conflicts.

This creates many opportunities for ordinary people to make part-time community contributions, such as growing, cooking, caring, driving, repairing, and especially organising. Many of these are suitable for people who are housebound or disabled, or otherwise excluded from the mainstream economy.

The gift economy side enables people to contribute without using money, and has an ethos of offering favours first to those who do a lot of volunteering or who also offer a lot of favours. As a consequence, people find that they can live with less money.

Some examples:

The organic farmer: As a small scale organic farmer for many years, I’ve made a precarious living, selling at Farmers’ Markets (which I never liked). Now I have a lot more regular customers through the social marketplace, who are very satisfied because I can match their needs, so I have a great reputation, which other prospective customers can see. The Transport Coop collects my produce twice a week and takes it to a few drop off points and direct to some customers (no more Farmers’ Markets). I have a large group that works for me from time to time. Some are paid and some do it as part of the gift economy.

The disabled elderly person: I am largely housebound, but PlaNET has given me new ways of participating in the community. I do some cooking for the local food network, using the reusable containers they provide, and using the Transport Coop to distribute it to my customers and to drop off points. I am also a volunteer organiser of the Care Network, which I can do easily from home in my spare time and which improves my reputation. I make some money and get lots of help through the gift economy, including a surprising amount from young people.

The Sharing Cities council officer: The community social network gives me great tools for organising new projects. Using the Synergy tools, I have put together the people from our Community Solar project with several of our community centres and other public buildings to get solar panels installed on them, and regularly use the voting facilities of the Direction tools to get community views on which projects should take priority.

The technically minded young person: I help to run the local PlaNET software and manage the local servers. I also do a lot of personal technical support for people in the community that need it. I get some money, and some support through the gift economy. I’m also improving my skills and employability.